Daniel (eastwood_ravine) wrote,

an entry worth reposting

skywalker (underoath676) wrote,
@ 2005-10-09 23:03:00

Current mood: enraged

im so sick of these hardcore bands, yea ill listen to some occasionally but if you consider it music then you deserve to be beaten with a blunt object. "hey let's make a breakdown thats on the open fret and is palm-muted, yea! we'll be original!!" is that what goes on at the band practice of these "bands"? i think that hardcore bands/music only narrows peoples minds. it has them fixed on being scene and what people think about them. if they listen to hardcore music they dont want other people to think that they're "soft" by listening to coldplay or other bands like that. they also get too fixated on what clothes they wear. "these pants aren't tight enough people aren't gunna think im scene." "this shirt represents a band that i like but if other people know that then they will think differently of me." all these scene kids think they're being different from everyone else by dressing the way they do but they're not, they're following a uniform code made by the "real" scene kids they see on tv and at concerts."

this kid is about 5-7 years younger than i am. im really glad that some people have brains and are able to think for themselves. to interject with my own opinions, i think screaming ruins what would otherwise be good music, as is the case with almost every band thats out right now. i cant get into it, understand it, or stand to listen to it. which to me equals not music. now bands like the aforementioned unearth or as i lay dying or nile or even dillenger escape plan, i can tune the screaming out because the musical parts that are there are so good that it allows me to do it. i just hate it when you can play me 5 different bands and i cant tell the difference. the talents there dont get me wrong but jeez, fucking come up with something that doesnt sound exactly like fall out boy, panic! at the disco.
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i love you daniel..
that made me laugh
thanks man, the rage was just boiling up inside me ever since the last olympia show i went to
I really appreciate it untill I saw your username had underoath in it. So much for not conforming to the scene
thats when the "i can tune the screaming out because the musical parts that are there are so good that it allows me to do it" part kicks in though
"We hate hardcore. We can't wait until it XdiesX."
thanks for doing my dishes and cleaning. that mike jones'd my day for sure.
you should have seen that jones before i cleaned itr. ot looked like your coffee table pissed itself.